Who is matthew rhys dating now

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With all the crazy spy antics and intense relationship dynamics on the show, that has to add an extra level of intrigue.Think about it: While any workplace romance can be awkward I think one between co-stars who play a mercurial spy couple during the height of Cold War would create more awkward scenarios.So the layering of questioning of identity, it’s subtle, but it’s definitely there.I’m sure he would say he’s British whereas the majority of Scots would say they’re Scottish.Still it probably helps in the chemistry department.In an interview with the LA Times Rhys describes his attraction to his role on The Americans saying, "It's the sort we've never seen before, two people who've been together for 'x' amount of years and now begin to forge a real relationship.

She already has experience from winning a Golden Globe for Felicity a while back.

The spy stuff was just a bonus." That has to be more fun when you're exploring the relationship and the spy stuff with your real life bae.

Armed with this knowledge, I couldn't not go through the most tumultuous moments in the couple's past.

Yes, very much, there’s a strong blue-blooded, landed-gentry theme, if I can use that word, in Scotland.

There are those upper-class, large land-owning families that ostensibly would have very posh, English accents.

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